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guide to booktube

I am Youtube trash. If I'm not reading or studying, I can usually be found watching hours upon hours of random Youtube videos. Youtube is my go to place when I'm trying to procrastinate. It's where I escape whatever I'm having a bad day and need to detox. My absolute favorite videos to watch, however, are Booktube videos.
I stumbled upon Booktube several years ago, a book community full of kindred spirits who love to read and review books just as much as I do.

While I have never really considered starting a channel of my own, I love interacting with the community. Since discovering this little corner of Youtube, I have found some truly amazing readers who stand out and have helped to guide me in my own personal reading and the way I review books. I have been able to branch out with reading different books through recommendations made by reviewers I trust, watch and laugh at ridiculous tags, and engage in some very interesting discussions.

I feel that as Booktube has slowly grown in popularity, it has really changed the way people read as a community. You no longer have to go out hunting for a bookclub, or pray to be blessed with book loving friends. The internet and things like Booktube, Goodreads, Bookstagram, etc. have made it easier than ever to connect with others over a shared love of books. That's just crazy to me.

This is just a simple, incoherent list of some of my favorite channels to watch that I think deserve some more love.

Mollie from her channel Molliereads has quickly become one of my favorite Booktubers to watch and follow. She reads a variety of different genres, which I appreciate, since the majority of Booktube focuses on Young Adult novels. Mollie has similar reading tastes as me, and I have found many gems from her recommendations. She is also a professional editor, and makes videos about her editing work that are also extremely interesting.

Emma from Missmareadsalot is a very underrated Booktuber. She likes to think outside of the box with her videos and experiments with different formats and styles which makes her channel stand out from the typical Booktuber you'll find. She also reads many different types of books, and her passion for Anime almost makes me want to give it a try (almost...).


Zoe from Readbyzoe is a very upbeat, fun person who always makes reading sound super exciting. She reads a lot of contemporaries and classics. Zoe is just a person who inspires me to read more and to be positive about life in general, and I love watching her videos.

Unlike other Booktubers I watch, Bedtimebookclub is made by three people. Their videos really make you feel like you are a part of their little bookclub, which is a fun experience. They don't post very often, but I'm always excited when they do. Also they're Australian, so bonus points for accents!

Jesse from Jessethereader is no doubt one of the most popular Booktubers on Youtube, but I've only just recently started getting into his videos. He makes great reviews and booktalks, though mostly on YA books. He also makes hilarious sketches that readers can relate to. 
What are your thoughts on Booktube? Who is your favorite Booktuber or book reviewer on Youtube?


  1. I love Bedtimebookclub! Their channel is so fun to watch. xD No shame in being YouTube trash-- we all are.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Their channel is super fun! Glad to know I'm not alone.

  2. YouTube trash as well! Though I have to admit, it took me a while to finally give BookTube a go! I only started last year myself.

    I've definitely heard of missmariereadsalot! I hope to watch a lot of her videos soon!

    Many of us adore jessethereader. He's so funny and adorable.

    I'll definitely check out molliereads!

    Personally I like

    NayaReadsandSmiles: We have super different tastes in books but she has this explosive energy!

    ilivieforbooks: Super adorable and has really interesting bookish discussions

    afrolicthroughfiction: I mainly follow her blog but I really like her wrap up and bullet journal videos

    happyindulgence: I also follow the blog she shares with two other co bloggers. I enjoy her wrap up videos

    brandonthebookaddict: He's so funny, adorable and sassy

    itsDivya: Sassy, British, relatable

    sarawithoutanH: She is also pretty sassy

    tillyandherbooks: Super nice and kind and has similar tastes in books as me! :D

    Since I'm also learning Spanish, I'm trying to watch Spanish speaking BookTubers like Lucía Lorena.

    1. Ahhh thanks for all the recommendations! I'm definitely going to check them out ASAP.

  3. I love Booktube videos too! Sadly it seems like some of my older favorites aren't making videos anymore, though, so when I scrolled through my feed there weren't as many Booktubers as I thought. My favorite is WordsofaReader: she's Australian and reads lots of modern classics, British lit, children's books, etc. Some of my new favorite books over the last few years were her recommendations. I also like Bookables (cheerful and positive, though she reads way more YA than I do), Ariel Bissett (love her bookish discussion videos about reading, books in general, etc.), and booksandquills (one of the first channels I ever started following).

    1. It's so sad when your favorite youtubers stop posting. But I love Ariel Bissett too, she's another one of my favorites!

  4. YAAAAS YOUTUBE IS A VERY PRESENT HELP IN TIMES OF PROCRASTINATION :''') I'm right there with ya, girl. Also these channels look like so much fun! I've never really watched booktubers, but wow SO MANY GORGEOUS SHELVESSSSS OF BOOOKS <333 looks like lots of fun! :D

    rock on,

    1. It's perfect procrastination fuel! And yes, all the pretty bookshelves put my shelves to shame. #shelflove

  5. YAAAS. I'm a long time booktuber fan. Such a cool way to find new books and make friends with other readers.

    And...I'm totally youtube trash, too. It's a problem.

    Great post, girl! I hadn't heard of several of these booktubers!

    1. It is an amazing way to find new books. I have found so many favorites through Booktube!