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epic reads { T A G }

I was tagged by Hannah. Thank you girly!

1. If you could invite one author and one of their fictional characters to tea, who would you invite and what would you serve them?
I think having a tea party with a bunch of fairy tale characters would be quite interesting! Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin... along with the Grimm brothers? Yes! And we would eat an assortment of yummy finger foods along with our tea. I mean, what else is more appropriate to have with tea?

2. What book do you wish the author would write the prequel for?
The only book I can think of that I desperately want a prequel for is The Lunar Chronicles, but that doesn't work because the author actually did write a prequel! #iwin

3. Which two characters (NOT from the same book) do you think would make a good couple?
Okay, here's the thing: I don't ship characters who aren't in the same story. I don't even ship couples who aren't cannon most of the time... I just think it's ridiculous to think two characters from different stories should be together. It just doesn't work for me. I'd rather not get my hopes too high over something that can't possibly ever happen. (sorry you dedicated shippers out there) However my main OTPs forever and always are: Anne/Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables), Cress/Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles), Faramir/Eowyn (LOTR), Cathy/Hareton (Wuthering Heights), etc.

4. If you ran into your favorite author on the subway and only could say one sentence to them, who is it and what would it be?
My most favorite author who is actually still living is Markus Zusak, the absolute genius who wrote The Book Thief, and I don't even think I would be able to say anything to him if I randomly ran into him on the subway (side note: why am I taking the subway? There's not a subway anywhere near where I live). I would probably just babble stupidly or just sit there gazing from a distance. Either way I would feel completely embarrassed and ashamed afterwards, so let's hope that never happens.

5. What book made you a reader and why?
I've always been a reader, but back in my early reading days I remember my American Girl and Life of Faith books holding a special place in my heart. I never ever got tired of reading them over and over again on a continuous loop!

6. Your bookshelf just caught fire! What is the one book you would save?
This is a terrible question! However, I would probably most definitely make a dive for my LOTR box set first. I have read them so many times and cherish them more than anything. But once that was safe I would go for my drop-dead gorgeous Grimm's Fairytales book because pretty things should never have to burn if we can help it.

7. Which dystopian world would you want to live in and why?
Delirium. I don't really know why that was the first one to pop into my head... I just think it would be fascinating to live in a world without love... well, for a little while at least. Then I'd like to come back home to my world and watch sappy Hallmark Channel romance movies. 

8. What is your most Epic Read of all time?
As far as epic goes, I think LOTR wins hands down every time. You can't beat it! Many have tried, and many have got close, but nope. LOTR all the way!
If any of you all would like to have fun answering these great questions, go ahead! Leave a link in the comments to your post to let me see it :)

"language was not powerful enough to describe the infant phenomenon"

This is my drama family. I have known this amazing bunch of people for over six years, and, honestly I cannot imagine my life without any of them.

When I first joined the Christus Homines Drama Troupe I was a little eleven-year-old who had barely ever left the house. But they had announced that they were performing Little Women, one of my favorite stories, so of course I had to join! I remember that first year well. I didn't know anyone, and my sister and I stuck together like glue for every rehearsal. The only time I would really say anything was when I had to recite one of my seven little lines.
I have stuck with drama ever since, and have been a part of many, many, many plays.
A Tale of Two Cities, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, and The Mouse that Roared.
Every year I have been faced with new challenges, like the year I discovered I shouldn't ever do makeup crew... just no, or the year when I could not get my insane laughter down as the March Hare. Every year I'm stretched and pushed outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes it's difficult, but it is always worth it.

This year, as Ninetta Crummles in Nicholas Nickleby, I had a whole new set of challenges. Ninetta, or The Infant Phenomenon, as she is so affectionately known as by everyone who knows her, is one of Charles Dicken's most strangest and under-rated characters (for those who don't know the story, she is basically a grown up baby). I was honestly confused when I had learned I was cast to play her.

I am not weird, at least not in that way. I have trouble portraying very obscure characters. I just can't get out of my shell enough to actually do the strange characters justice.
Each rehearsal I would have to prance around our makeshift stage area, stare at people awkwardly, skip, giggle, spin, and do all sorts of weird, abnormal things that I would never do otherwise.
When I was at home I would read through the book, underlining and highlighting the parts with Ninetta, trying to get a sense of who Dickens meant her to be. And eventually, I started to understand her. It clicked, in a way, and by tech week I could do it all without feeling embarrassed.

That's what I love so, so, so much about drama, learning how to understand and portray a character who is not like you in the least. I have learned so much about myself from playing these little characters . The theater is deep in my heart. I don't think I will ever stop acting, even after I graduate from the drama troupe, I will always take whatever chance I get to be on the stage.