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in the black and white

Entry #33

I have a fascinating fear of old, black and white pictures, ones that were taken when the camera was first invented. Back to a time where people never seemed to be able to smile, and everything always looked so gray and dismal. 

There's a special sort of creepiness to an old picture. It's almost like you're looking through a telescope into a whole other world... A strange sort of world where there's no color or sunlight. Where the people can stare right into your soul with their cold, lifeless, gray eyes.
Addition: When I was younger I genuinely did have a fear of old pictures. They would just creep me out so much. Whenever I would have to search up someone who lived long ago I would have my sisters scan the website so that I could be sure there were no pictures that would haunt my dreams. It's not bad now. Old pictures are special, they show you a different time, back when photography and portraits were different... a different kind of beautiful that could sometimes be scary looking. 


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    1. Haha thanks, Candence. :) Thanks so much for following! It really means the world.

  2. Great post. I agree, there is something creepy (but really interesting, at the same time) about old photos!

  3. This is such a cool thought! O.O I've always liked old photos, like they're a window to the past or something...but I get how they could be creepy too. Lovely writing!

    1. I think they are pretty cool now, I've mostly gotten over the fear... mostly. But yeah.

      Thank you :)