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disclaimer | as of late

am a ghost. I float around in the background. I watch the world as it passes me by. I see strangers sing and laugh, and I try to sing with them... But it's not real. I thirst for life. A real life. I'm tired of hiding, I want to be seen. 
Life has been full to the brim, overflowing, drowning out everything else. With choir concerts, parties, papers to write, drama rehearsals, and speeches to prepare for. I feel suffocated by it all sometimes, but that's okay. Christmas is coming, that small time to catch my breath before I dive back in again. And I'm going to enjoy it. 


  1. It is definitely good and important to have a chance to relax and catch your breath, right?! I'm looking forward to some down-time after Christmas too. x)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!