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Guest Post | She Will Not Fall

Have you ever been given a task or thought of an idea that seems impossible, even crazy?

I like to assume that most people have. My immediate response to possible failure is to not even try. I can also assume that i'm not the only person to do that as well. When you fail, it's not a good feeling, am I right?

Sometimes however, we have to try or do something that probably won't succeed. That's when we get scared and try to run away. We are so afraid of failing we don't even try.

Two months ago I had a decision I had to make. Turn away to avoid failure and disappointment, or take a step of faith and possibly fail but maybe reap a very rewarding experience. I took that step of faith. Was it scary? Yes. Did I doubt myself? At times. But did I succeed? Kinda.


Two months ago I was given the chance to travel to Luoyang, China on a mission trip. But I applied months later than everyone else, and the cost of the trip blew my mind. So, did I accept without knowing where I would find money to pay for the expensive trip. Or say, no thanks, and avoid failure.

Well, of course I decided to go on the trip. And guess what!? I got all the money for my 1st payment way before I needed it! I still have one more payment, and I'm not sure where that money is coming from.

The point is, not everything is black and white. You can't fear failure.

God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. {Psalm 46:5}

If you feel you're being called to something don't turn away because you are afraid. The reward is so great when you step out in faith. If everything was easy, there would be no fulfillment in the accomplishment.


About the Author:

My name is Emma, I am 16 years old and live in Virginia. I have six sibling. Two are adopted from China and have medical needs. I am home-schooled in the 10th grade. My hobbies consist of, ballet, singing, photography, and of course, blogging.

I blog over at Rescue the Orphaned

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  1. It's scary when you know you can fail at something. But my mom keeps reminding me to "never be afraid of anything and anyone." :)