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A Trip to the Future (of books)

 Let's take a little trip to the future... shall we?

Okay, now close your eyes... Open up. What do you see? A flying car or two? Maybe super intelligent robots who can fry bacon to perfection in less than ten seconds? (That would be awesome!) I guess people don't really live underwater like they said in the Jonas Brothers song.

The future... it's pretty great. But you know what you don't see?


There are all sorts of other crazy stores and things to buy in the future, (like pillows with sleeves. You thought the blankets with sleeves was a great idea, wait until you see the pillows!) but no bookstores... or, really any real books. The thick, beautiful kind that give you paper cuts, because they are made out of genuine paper!

Okay, I must admit, I can't guarantee that my version of the future will turn out to be acurate... (but,hey, you never know)  but there is one thing that I'm 99.9% sure will come to pass: The lack of books.

Some of you might have heard about how Barnes and Nobles is going out of business. (For those of you who might not know what Barnes and Nobles is, it's basically a chain of bookstores... it's like the McDonalds of bookstores) I was in utter shock when I found out, however when I told my friends about it they didn't seem surprised. Was I just too wrapped up in my happy book world to realize it's ultamite demise? I don't know. But I was super depressed all day the day I found out.

I decided to do a ton of research, because I love informing you with the facts of a situation (disclaimer: I actually just read one article to make sure that I was right about B&N going under... because I didn't want to tell a lie. I don't actually know all the facts), and it is true. They are going bankrupt, and will be closing either all or many of their stores.

But, this whole thing got me thinking about the future of books in general.

B&N is the biggest, and only bookstore chain left, since Borders (another bookstore) went belly-up a couple years ago. (Side note: the old Borders where I live has been turned into an electronics store. If that's not prophecy, I don't know what is) So, if B&N is now going out, what hope is there for any bookstores these days?

I'll tell you: NONE!

There are easier ways to get books. Amazon can ship you your book in a day, or you can even get it instantly on a Kindle or other reading device. You hardly have to move a finger, and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home (for the Introverts out there who love books). Plus the ereaders have made real, physical books kind of uncool... I mean, really, who wants to hull around a big, giant, thick book around when you can just carry fifty books (not to mention Flappy Bird) easier on an iPad?

I honestly think that once bookstores are all gone, the physical books are next to go. It costs more money to print a real book, and all the weird hippies in the world are going to protest book making to save the trees, which will give the publishers a reason to stop book manufacturing. That is just dumb, right? But it's happening. I can see it.

It's sad, and scary, but I really believe that this is the future.

Doesn't it just sound so uber depressing that our children or grandchildren might not be able to buy a real book, even if they wanted to. That they won't have the joy of running to the children's book section of the bookstore to pick out a new book in a series they love...

There's nothing we can do really but watch it happen, and by as many books as we can before the world of books ends.

This ends our little trip to the future. I hope it didn't boggle your brain too much...


  1. Wow. That's really sad. I had no idea that B&N is going out of business! That's terrible! I must admit, I rarely go to bookstores; when I want a book I order it from Amazon or go to the library, but still!

  2. Oh no!! I hope there will always be a bookstore. I prefer books than Ibooks. Ibooks would be good for traveling.

  3. This is sad, and a little scary - because you're right, books are definitely becoming endangered. I was really sad when I heard about B&N. There may come a time when having a bookshelf of real, phycial books is a rarity. Oh gosh, here come the book feels :'(

    Anway, great post, Hannah!

  4. Me too.

    Yeah, that's the only reason I have an ereader... Travel.

  5. It is the saddest thing ever. Let's cry together, I'll bring chocolate.