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Dreaming of Gold

The olymipcs are over!? Those were undoubtably the shortest two weeks of my life.

I am not an athletic person! I feel like I need to tell you this before I get too into this post.

I've tried several sports throughout the years, soccer, volleyball, swimming, and they just haven't ended very well at all... (You can read all about my soccer ventures here) I have just sort of decided to accept my fate, that I will never be a professional athlete in anything and in any way... until the olympics roll around.

I don't usually watch the olympics, but when I do, this usually happens:

I see all the professional atheles make it look so incredibly easy. Like in the snowboarding, or the ice-skating, when they flip and slide, and flip again. And it just makes me so excited! "That looks so fun!" Because it does. "I can do that!" Which, we all know, I can't.

There's just something about the olympics that's so exciting. Like when I watch the opening ceremony.

I absolutely love watching the opening ceremony. I like learning about other cultures and stuff like that, so the opening ceremony is like one big treat. (Sochi, I adored yours!) Plus, it makes me think of that one scene in The Hunger Games... you know....? "This girl is on fiiirrrreee!" yeah. Anyway.

So watching the opening ceremony always starts like I'm watching a ballet or something, but it turns into a push and a pull to do something athletic.

When I see the athletes march in, wearing the colors of their country, I can only just imagine what they are feeling. To be able to go to the olympics for something that they love. (Okay, maybe not all of them love it, but they sure do a good job of pretending like they do. :)

I am constantly reminding myself throughout the entire olymipcs, I am not athletic, I am not athletic, come on, Hannah, you know you could never do that! But, then my writer brain comes up with scenarios in which I could become a famous athete. (I think it's safe to say that I have read way to many books and have watched way too many inspirational movies.) Like ice-skating. If any of you have seen the movie Ice Princess, you will understand what I'm talking about.

Teenage girl does something with ice-skating for school project. Girl discovers that she actually quite likes ice-skating, and gives up her dream of being a physics person to be a professional skater (can't say I bame her, physics stinks!). Sounds ligit, right? Like that could totally happen to me!

Also, in the olymics (ice-skating, of course), there was a girl my age! And she was INCREDIBLE! Granted, she has probably been skating since she took her first step, but, see, these are the things that my brain tends to ignore. All it knows is that she is my age, and shouldn't I be doing that too?

Dear Brain,

Please stop. I'm tired of being confuzzled because of you! You know perfectly well that I don't belong in the olympics. That actually sounds quite terrifying when I think about it...

I'd like to be able to make my own life decisions without you interrupting everything!

Ever, truly yours,


But, in all seriousness, this doesn't just happen with the olympics, this happens with everything. I have to constantly remind myself that that is not my dream at all, but you know it's always tempting. (Please tell me that I'm not the only one here who does this!)

So, yeah. I'll just stick to going to the ice-rink every year, and having reading and writing stay my passions. I don't need to be a professional skater to enjoy that :)

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