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I'm Not a Photographer

1. a Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera

That was the first thing I had typed up on my Christmas list; and, even though I had taken the time to look up all of those crazy numbers and letters (which I have not the slightest hope of understanding), I was not disappointed when I didn't have a shiny new camera on Christmas morning...

...It wasn't until a couple days ago I realized why.


When I started blogging here at this lovey place, I had decided that I would no longer depend on Pinterest for my photo needs (for tricky copyright and personal reasons). I thought that using my own pictures would best illustrate whatever I wanted to blog about, since you can't very well understand most of what I say without seeing the world somewhat through my eyes.

I have a camera that I had gotten a couple years ago, and figured that that would have to do. But, it quickly turned out to be a burden. It was always such a bother, even before, when I was on Blogger and wanted to post of some adventure or other where I had the privilege of actually taking my camera and snapping some pictures. I would never have the time or desire to locate the usb cable, and lug the camera down to the computer to download the images (many post delays have been because of my laziness with my camera). And even after tons of editing, my pictures never would compare to those of Jocee, or Lucia, or any other blogger/photographer whom I admired.

So, I naturally assumed it was my camera that was the problem... after all, all those other bloggers had a DSLR camera that somehow made their pictures magically extraordinary.

But, try as I might, I couldn't save up the 700 dollars I needed for the new DSLR, and I began to discourage.

I just knew that once I would have that camera all of my picture problems would go away and I would be as successful a blogger/photographer as I could be.


I was reading this post the other day on how to get good pictures for your blog posts ('cuz, seriously, I needed all the help I could get). I already knew that beautiful photos attract people to your blog (I mean really, I have followed many a blog because of drop dead gorgeous pictures, let. me. tell. you), but this post told me that I didn't need a super big camera with a ginormous lens poking out of it to have a worthwhile blog. It was a pretty big 'wow really!?' moment. Maybe I wasn't as helpless as I had thought I was...

I then continued my thinking, and realized: I am not a Photographer. I am a Writer.

Many people have photography blogs because it's their passion, it's what they are good at (and I think we can all agree that I am not very good at photography). I have a word blog, because that's what I'm good at, I love weaving words and sentences and paragraphs together  for people to enjoy. If people are only going to be coming to my blog for pictures, what's the point? I want people to read my blog for the content, I love the feeling of people actually reading this stuff I scribble, my little mindless thoughts.

So, will I never ever have pictures in my posts again? No... I still love looking at pictures, and I know how hard it is to concentrate on a novel-sized blog post without a picture or two to soften the blow. I'm just not going to stress to much to get pictures on here. If I have to write something, I'm going to write it, and if I happen to have the perfect picture to accompany the words, I'll stick it in. But, seriously, my picture anxiety is pretty bad. I even delayed this post because I wanted to have a picture. (yeah, it's that bad)

So, do I still want a DSLR camera? Heck yes! I still think it would be the coolest thing to play with and to try to maybe get into photography. Because I would really love to illustrate my life with good quality pictures. But I think it shall be awhile before I will get one. So for now I will just have to be happy with my words, and little camera.

Mostly I hope this will inspire you guys. I'm sure I am not the only one who struggles with this, and, just realize that it is okay to not have pictures. You want people to love your blog for what you love, not for your beautiful pictures. (but, you know, if your passion is photography, keep pursuing it! :)

Well, now I suppose I should go and take 'Photographer off of my resume. ;)

See you in the funny pages,



  1. Awesome post! That is so true. I always (as you're probably noticed...) use pictures from Pinterest in my posts 'cause I'm too lazy to take the time to learn how to be amazing. However, I do enjoy photography so maybe someday I'll take the time...haha...or not.

    Anyway, I totally agree!

  2. I love it when we have revelations about ourselves! :)


  3. I really enjoy photography, but I sometimes get frustrated that my camera (I don't have a DSLR or anything fancy either) can't take as good quality photographs as other cameras can.

    This post sort of just blew my mind and put things back in perspective for me.

    You are completely right. You don't have to be a super skilled photographer with a $700+ camera to be a great blogger, because every blogger is different and has different talents.

    Thanks for this :)