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I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore

I have noticed I have a very bad habit. Whenever I go on a trip, or anything that involves pictures in the blog post, I stall the post for as long as I possibly can. It's not something I'm  proud of.

I know that my camera is not by any means the best camera in the world, so I try not to put my own photos in posts. Plus there's just something about running upstairs to pull my camera cord from my room, and plug it in to download the pictures so that I can actually post sounds like so much work, and I'm lazy. I don't like to leave my perch at the computer for any reason... but I guess I'll do it for you all.

(I apologize for the ickiness of some of these pictures. I was in a salt mine, and my camera didn't like the dim lighting.)

I've done it again, I went on a vacation without telling you about it... Okay I guess I did mention that I was going to Kansas, but didn't really talk in great detail about it.

so, yes. I went to Kansas... and it was fun... I guess.

I survived the long drive with a van full of cousins, and stayed at the cutest motel with kittens roaming about outside (I am serious! We would wake up and see kittens out the window.) 

I went to a salt mine, and a flour mill, and took a walk around the loverly town of St. John Kansas. 

We also went to the park, and Chauncea and I got to go see Monsters University with strangers in a small town movie theater. :)

Then I got sick.

Yes I got the worst cold in history in Kansas. It was miserable.

That's probably why I didn't feel like taking pictures of anything (except the salt mine).

It was a nice trip, but I am glad for the comforts of sleeping in my own bed... especially after being sick.

So yeah. Imma back!


  1. You're first part about pictures completely explains why I don't like to use my own pictures! It's put into words! :D Thank you!

    You're vacation looks fun (except for being sick); I like seeing the Wonka bars. :)


  2. Ivanhoe!!
    Your vacation looks awesome (:

  3. I love the shots! :) Everything looks fantastic! I LOOOVE THE WONKA BARS. (i wanna grab them, lol)

  4. Yeah, my camera isn't the best either :p But I still like your pictures! They're fun to look at :)