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First Line: Every morning, the sun comes up and turns the earth red, and I think: This could be the day when everything changes.

About: After leaving Society to desperately seek The Rising, and each other, Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for, but at the cost of losing each other yet again. Cassia is assigned undercover in Central city, Ky outside the borders, an airship pilot with Indie. Xander is a medic, with a secret. All too soon, everything shifts again. (Goodreads)

Author: Ally Condie

Pages: 512

Publisher: Penguin 

Review: This whole trilogy has had it's ups  and downs for me. I absolutely adored Matched! I loved it so much, I wouldn't care if I had only read that book in the series and just let the other books go. But no, there had to be a slight cliffhanger, and I had to read the next book.

It's not that Crossed was bad... it just was not as good or exciting as Matched. I have heard several people say it; Crossed is boring, which is pretty true. Compared to Matched or Reached, yeah. It is most definitely the 'sagging middle' of the trilogy.

After reading Crossed, I almost didn't want to read the last book. I sort of just wanted to buy Matched and pretend that that was the only book in the series. But friends on Goodreads and on Blogger told me that they thought that Reached was the most beautiful book they had ever read, so, of course I had to read it!

Plus, if I hadn't had read it, there would have always been this feeling of 'I-did-not-complete-this-series', I would always be wondering what happened in the end. Would Cassia and Ky finally get to be together?

My sister and my dad bought this book for our family to share without my consent (I was waiting for it to come out in paperback! People like to drive me crazy! Oh wellz, I'll just have to buy it for myself in paperback... but I don't like the feeling of owning two of the same book. It's like inflation... the value and rarity of your book goes down when you own two of the same. :P But you don't want to hear me rant do you? Okay, back to the subject) so, it was just lying there all the time, staring at me, begging to be read. And my sister wasn't even close to reading it, since she has yet to read Crossed. So I gave in and read it.

It's safe to say that this book surpasses all the others in the series in size. This one felt twice as long as Matched, but, you know, that's okay.

I'll admit it, I wasn't excited when I started this. I was so worried that it would be like Crossed, and all of the things people had told me would prove to be false. Plus, I was still suffering aftershock from The Book Thief, so I didn't want to like anything. 

When I think back on it, I really did give Reached a hard time.

It took me awhile to forgive Cassia for being such a girl in Crossed. I spent at least the first half of this book hoping and wishing she would just *spoilers* get the plague and *spoilers* die, even though I knew that wouldn't happen. 

There were still some moments of her being in Ky-land, but there were equal moments of Ky being in Cassia-land. There was a time where I would've loved to hear Cassia and Ky gush about each other, but it has gotten really old for me. I wanted a twist, something that would make them question whether they were the perfect couple. 

We do have Xander narrating several chapters, and the whole thing with Indie, but that just wasn't strong enough. Though, I will say, now Xander is my favorite, and towards the end I was starting to lean towards team Xander. But by now we know that that's not possible anymore, so I let that dream die, and continued watching Cassia and Ky. :P

But the good thing about this book, was that Ally Condie's beautiful writing voice is stronger than ever. The way she writes... ugh! it's so poetic, and just beautiful. It drags you into the book. I have said how much i love her writing before, but I must say it again before this review is done.

Parts of this book were a wee bit confusing, and it was hard at times to piece together what was happening, but that was minor. 

All in all, I do think it was a good ending to the series. It's pretty predictable when it comes to couples. You know who's going to end up together.

Anyway. I forgive Ally Condie for Crossed, and can't wait to read more from her.

Romance: Not as bad as Crossed. Only three kisses, I think. And the couple are always thinking about each other... all that romantic stuff.

Violence: Lots of fighting.... and yeah. I don't even know why I still put this violence. Every book I read has some sort of violence in it.

Other Fun Stuff:
(This book trailer isn't really that good, but I'll put it in here anyway)

“You cannot change your journey if you are unwilling to move at all.” 

― Ally Condie, Reached

“If you let hope inside, it takes you over. It feeds on your insides and uses your bones to climb and grow. Eventually it becomes the thing that is your bones, that holds you together. Holds you up until you don't know how to live without it anymore. To pull it out of you would kill you entirely.” 

― Ally Condie, Reached

“I realize now how much courage it takes to choose the life you want, whatever that might be.” 

― Ally Condie, Reached

“In a story, you can turn to the front and begin again and everyone lives once more. That doesn't work in real life.” 

― Ally Condie, Reached

Recommended Age: 13-14+


A satisfying ending to the Matched trilogy, just a couple things I would've changed.

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  1. I'd like to read these. . .someday :P (I always say that. My horrifying reading list!) I'm glad to hear that Ally Condie has such a good "voice". Sometimes modern authors really seem to struggle with that. . . .