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Five beautiful things about summer

 I have mentioned several times that I absolutely hate summer. I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again. I don't like summer.

I think that I have said it around here often enough that you all expect me to be sitting in a kiddie pool filled with ice humbugging summer all season.

So i'm going to try not to be so bitter, and make a list of Ten Five Beautiful Things About Summer. Let's hope I don't strain my brain too much thinking these up...

(BTW, these are in no particular order... soooo)
Numero uno: The feeling you can get everything done, when really, you can't

Summer starts, school is out, and you feel like you can do anything in the whole wide world. You know that trip to Guam you wanted to take, now you can do it. That ten foot model you started around Christmas time, but never finished, consider it done. 

It's a good feeling, to actually have time to do all the things you've ever wanted to do, but then your list piles up and up, and before you know it, the summer is over and you're back to school or anything else you do.

Or if you're like me and have absolutely nothing to do (after 4-H of course) but just simply don't want to do it because 'it's summer! I'm not supposed to do anything!'

Number the second: Cool things

You're hot, sweaty, and sticky. What better way to cool off than with cool things. 

During the drama season, which runs through winter all the way to the beginning of spring, we hold rehearsals in a small church right next to a McDonalds. (It's actually quite nice having a McDonalds nearby, and I'm sure they aren't ever going to go out of business with all of us hungry, thirsty actors)

Anyway, one of the most popular things we get there is ice cream. And I love ice cream, but in the middle of winter it's a wee bit odd to see a bunch of people shivering while eating an ice cream cone. (I'm not judging anyone for eating ice cream in the middle of winter, I do it myself)

But summer was made for ice cream, and pools, and ice. That's what makes it bearable!

The Third: Vacations

It is quite rare that my family take vacations. I think I can count on one hand how many vacations we have taken.

And while, it's still really rare, even in summer that we take vacations, I still consider it one of the good things about summer.

I mean, to be able to go somewhere, the beach, or the mountains, somewhere where I don't  usually go is amazing! And this summer we are actually going on a vacation (to Kansas, but still), more on that in a later post. :)

Four: No School!

This is pretty much a given. Once summer comes, I'm usually about to explode with school overload, so i'm happy for the break. But after about a week or so, I'm ready for school to start up again.

I honestly don't understand why some high schoolers quit school, what are they going to do, besides work in the fast food industry all their life? It sounds dreadfully dull, and I would never quit school before i'm suppose to. (I can just hear my parents sighing with relief at that, of course, they are my teachers, so they would let me quit school anyway)

And the last (#5): Just the little things, walks, pools, and such.

This may seem very random and a dumb way of finishing this list, but I can't think of anything better. 

Just the little things, like going shopping with friends unexpectedly, or getting to eat frozen yogurt fir the first time ever (true story). Or the things you can only do during summer, go to the fair, swim at a public pool. 

That is all.
There is my --rather pathetic-- list, but the good thing is, summer is almost over! (happy dance!)

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness~ John Steinbeck 
What are your five beautiful things about summer?


  1. Okay, that was not a pathetic list! It's the little things that make life beautiful! Those are five amazing this about summer.
    Just like you I am ready for school! So excited for this year. Don't worry, we don't take vacations often either, but, I am so happy for you this year! Have fun in Kansas. I love summer, but I am totally ready for fall. But, then again, fall brings winter. A huge FROWN! :( Hmm... five beautiful things about summer, huh?

    * Friends
    *Warm weather
    *Color! color in nature in how people dress is usually more colorful.
    *Being outside more
    *Staying up later at night.


  2. By the way, how do you get that little box with the quote inside?

    1. It's pretty complicated and involves CSS and HTML, which, unfortunately blogger won't let me put in a comment :( But I might do a tutorial for it sometime :)

  3. I love your list, especially since I also hate summer. :) I would add that strawberries are my favorite part of summer, but I bet that comes as no surprise. :)