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Love History

When someone asks me what my favorite subject is, my first answer right off the bat is reading or writing. But, of course, some people don't even consider reading and writing a subject in school, it's just something everyone does whether they like it or not. (which is totes stupid!) So, whenever I encounter someone like ^that, I always answer with History.

I have always had this strange love for history. All I would read when I was young was Historical Fiction... but, of course, that was all that was ever on my reading list, I honestly don't even think I knew there were any other books out there besides historical fiction... #homeschooled #dealwithit... but I didn't mind. It used to fascinate me, learning how people way back when they were settling America lived. The pioneers. The Indians.

I also love medieval times, especially the black plague! Ahhh I love learning about the black plague! (sorry, I'm a writer, I love things like that) Not necessarily the plague itself, I could care less about the sciency stuff behind the disease, I just love think about how the people got through all that. I can't imagine the pain, the hopelessness those people must've been feeling during that time when every. single. person. it seemed was dying.

People have told me that history is boring... what's the point of learning about dead people living in a time I don't live in?.. Who cares? A smart person would answer with 'we should learn History because it will help us correct things in the future... blah, blah, blah. etc.' And I guess I do agree with that (in any case, America isn't learning anything from ancient Rome, even though they should!)... but to me, history is stories of a time I wish I could live in. of people who I never had the privilege of meeting. It's God's story. How He has been able to orchestrate everything perfectly.

Stories need to be told. And I guess that's why I love Historical Fiction so much.

I don't know is this post makes any sense to any of you, but I do really love history. If I couldn't control myself here, you all would hear a long, blog-length post about Ellis Island. :P


P.S. I am really craving a Historical Fiction book. (to read, not eat) if you all have any suggestions. Preferably not a classic. I love classics, but right now I'm classiced-out.


  1. I love medieval fiction too!! :) And I know what you mean about the black plague. XD *writersunite* We writers may seem...strange to some but...that's OK. :D

    Totally agree about history being a bunch of stories. Or just being one long story starting with the beginning of time and continuing up to the present.

    A good Historical Fiction? Well, there's a series of books about the Round Table, and King Arthur, and all that jazz by Rosemary Sutcliff that you might like (I really enjoyed them). The first in the series is called 'The Sword And The Circle'.
    Also there's a book by T. H. White called the Once and Future King, also about king Arthur (sensing a pattern?); which is my favorite book ever....


  2. Er, first of all, all the books recommended by S. W. Are amazing!!!!! BUT, if you don't want King Arthur... hmmmmm... ummmmmmmmm... Calico Captive by Elizabeth George Speare, The Bronze Bow by the same author. I'll tell you more when I think of them, my mind isn't really functioning correctly:(


    1. Yes! the Bronze Bow is awesome!

      And, Hannah, another book that I just thought of is The Black used to be my favorite book! :D

    2. I LOVE The Black Arrow, too!!!! Similar reading tastes, eh?


    3. Haha, looks like it! :D

  3. I love history too ! Why, well just look at what you said hahaha !
    Great post ! :)


  4. History is so awesome exactly because of the reasons you gave. :) And as for some good historical fiction novels, I would suggest The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff. I always loved Indian Captive by Lois Lowrey when I was growing up, when I was little I was obsessed with Indians. :) If you like Historical Fantasy novels (not sure what else to call them) then I really enjoyed the Oracles of Delphi Keep series by Victoria Laurie, which takes place in WWII but has a lot of Ancient Greece parts to it (and it includes time travel, yay!)

    Hannah :)

  5. Thank you for all of the fantabulous books! Guess i'll have to check them out now! :)