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Long Time No See


As Sam said so very well at the end of The Lord of the Rings, 'Well, I'm back.'

yes, 4-H is over! For me anyway. I still have two more jobs to do before the fair, but that seems easy now that my projects are all done.

After a long week of running around the hot fairgrounds, hoping I don't ruin somebody else's project when I would help with judging, and late nights finishing my own projects, I feel so free!

Today is the first day I feel like I can do anything this week. I have nothing to do, and it feels amazing!

I thought doing only two projects would be easy, but really, it wasn't...

Computers was easy enough, I got my notebook for that done pretty fast, and the judging wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got a blue ribbon for Computers, which I was happy enough with, because I am always so worried with all my projects that i'm going to get a red.

 I didn't win champion or anything, the guy who won made a fancy video game, and second place was a guy who made a youtube video on 3D animation, so I don't think my little website design could've beat that, but I was the only honorable mention! So I guess I got third place?

The judge also said I had a good future as an IT specialist.... ummm, no, I'm sorry Mr. Judge guy, I have no desire to be an IT specialist, but thanks anyway. :)

Genealogy was a bit trickier, I was up all night Wednesday night to get it ready for judging on Thursday, and I'm still recovering from lack of sleep. (me without sleep isn't so good) But I didn't do as well as I did last year. I got a blue, but I didn't win. That's just what I get for waiting until the last minute... :P Oh well, I'm just happy I didn't get a red.

A red ribbon is like the cone of shame in 4-H, it means you didn't do something right, or didn't follow the rules. Sometimes people get them because they deserve them, if they had no desire to do the project, and didn't care, just threw together a project. But sometimes people just get them for no reason... I just don't understand it.

My sister got our family's first ever red ribbon on her painting, and she goes into the got-one-for-no-reason category. She is still recovering from that, but it's okay.

Anyway. It's been quite a 4-H year for us.

I'm going to sleep more. bye! :)


  1. oh, sorrry to hear about your sister's red ribbon. but i hope you all had fun with the 4-H, and i'm glad your back!