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Guest Post: we were not normal.

first off: a very large thank you to Hannah for letting me guestpost while she's swimming in all her responsibilities the way I would probably not be doing. I would be drowning. Hannah, let us know how all your 4-H projects go. I gave up on mine and dropped out. gasp. 

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i had an awesome childhood. but it wasn't until recently that i realised just how amazing it was! some people, or a lot, probably shook their heads and laughed at us. we were very different. growing up i wasn't very aware how much. we moved every two years or so, because of that, me and my younger siblings were pretty tight. when we lived in indianapolis we would get a lot of comments at our large family. in our current place, it's a bit more normal to have four kids, but we used to get a lot of eyeballs. but not only were we large, we most defenitely not normal.

when i was nine we lived in a new and building community on the outskirts of indianapolis. we used to take long walks around the neighborhood. sometimes we'd go across the road, past the playground, through the connecting sister neighborhood, in and out of the cul-de-sacs, across the road to our next door sister neighborhood and make a right and straight on past the pool to our house. other times we'd go on the other side of the pool until we had to turn right and we'd weave through the sidewalks and around the new house sites.

now, my mama has this 'thing' for rocks. she loves them. i think she inheirited it. her mom, my grandma, has hundreds of medium to large rocks by her house. she would always bring a couple back from trips and has a story for each one. we've moved enough my mom's collection never had time to grow that much. anyway we'd go walking around the neighborhoods every evening, one of us kids pushing my little sister (then 2) in the stroller, my very white mother and my spanish father walking deep in conversation, me and my brothers, or just them, were either scootering, biking, or walking on the edge trying to balance or sword fighting or having skipping contests.

we were not normal.

remember how i told you about my mama's love for rocks? remember how i said they were building homes in the neighborhood? there's a reason i told ya. see, they were still breaking ground or it was kinda a dirt playground there at the moment. one day, just mama and us kids were walking and it was a grand day. it was summer. school was out, hurray! so there we were walking, skipping, hopping, tripping eachother and pushing the stroller much to fast no doubt, when mama spotted a rock. but not any rock. it was a rock that she was certain would look perfect in our flower bed. 

being the wonderful kids we are we ran over to it and tried to pick it up. unfortunately it was much to heavy. being the mastermind (i think it was me) i suggested we put it in the stroller and pushed it home. my sister had to walk, because, duh, a rock and a baby in a stroller just wouldn't work. so onward we walked home. rock in the stroller seat, my brother pushing the rock in the stroller, someone holding the baby sister, and the rest of us skipping, biking, or scootering. dude, we were stoked. like look dad, a rock! his reply was as enthusiastic as a not rock collecter could be. 

this became normal that summer and boy, or flower bed was looking smashing. then one afternoon we were walking around perfectly innocent, hunting for the perfect rock to add to our garden. when mom saw a rock. but not just any rock to put in the flowerbed. it was the rock to put on one side of the driveway. it came to my nine year old waist and was as thick as all three of my normal sized siblings plus me. we couldn't even budge it. 

today of all days, we saw the construction workers off to the side. in the whole six months or however long it had been, i had never ever seen a construction worker there. mama, being herself, along with her four unnormal children walked over to where they were bummin'. she, after breifly making sure they were the workers of this area, asked them if they would be so kind as to use their big CAT machinery (please don't ask me what type. idk.) and haul our precious pinkish rock across the neighborhood to our white and red shuttered house.

grumbling and complaing, one man was all "it's our lunch break, it would be a big deal--" and the other guy was all like "yeah, sure whatever, where's your house?" the good guy won. of course. so we followed the big yellow machine with our precious pink rock and fed them cookies as a thank you offering. dad was surprised when he came home, but really, more like a "how on earth did you get it here?" sort of thing. i don't think he was surprised we had a new rock. how could he?

to be honest. i could write stories after stories like this. back then, i never considered it, "abnormal" it was just what we did. i'm glad our parents (are) raised(ing) us to do what we want and not worry about what others think. i wish i could say i'm %100 this way, but i'm not. but it's not bad to be unnormal. it's bad to be ashamed of every different thing you do. that's not good.

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hi, i'm natalia and i'm not normal and i'm learning to be proud of it. i'm a human. i'm a designer. i'm a photographer. i'm not very funny, but i pretend to be. i'm not very deep, but i pretend to be, you could say i'm a writer. i strive to honor my Creator i honestly believe i was created by the Creator to create. my head is full of unspoken things. and i'm still deciding if i like the quietness of silence more or the soft melodies of music. i'll let you know when i find out. you can check my blog out [x
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  1. Wow! I love this story, I feel like I can cherish those memories just as much as you do. Thank you for sharing about being different, I really needed to read this. ...I'm different to and keep thinking I need to conform and be like everyone around me but I know God doesn't want me to. And I don't really want to either, just sometimes get confused.

    I'm going to remember your stories and the beautiful meaning behind them! :)

    ~Amber :) (follow me on my new blog!!!)

    P.s. I also love this story cause my mom LOVES rocks too! Last year we went to the beach just so she could collect buckets of rocks. Lol, our car seriously weighed down a little in the back cause of all the rocks in it! Hahaha!

    1. i'm so glad this connected with you! now that i'm older i can see all the life lessons we learned just by living.

      i love that your mom did that. haha. rocks are pretty cool tho!

  2. i'm right there with you - very proud to be abnormal!

  3. Awesome post Natalia!! :) I love that story.