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A letter to google expressing my disappointment and stuff

Dear lovely Google people,

What gives!?

I've been hearing the rumors forever. For more than forever. You said that you were "retiring" Google friend connect, because you thought it was stupid and it would never ever ever be more popular than Google+ (but really, you all need to stop it with Google+, you're just trying too hard, and really, I don't even like Google+ all that much).

You said you were abandoning it, throwing it away, and really I was disappointed.

I thought it was dumb and unfair, and i was very sad at the thought of losing all my followers.

I did what I was supposed to do. I joined bloglovin' I did one of those followmeonbloglovin'becauseIreallydon'twanttoloseallofmyfollowersandmypopularity posts, and added the bloglovin' button on my sidebar so that people would know that they could still follow me, and crossed my fingers that they would switch to bloglovin' before the dreaded July 1st -the day Google friend connect was supposed to go bye-bye.

Okay, I wasn't very excited about losing Google friend connect, but I decided to accept it. I said a silent farewell speech in my head, and braced myself to log into my blogger on July 1st and see no followers link. I actually really liked bloglovin', and was more than willing to use it for my blog reading/following purposes.

I was ready, and I was kind of excited to see no followers and fall into the depths of despair for awhile, and move on with my blog.

I got on my computer this morning, took a deep breath and opened up blogger, and to my surprise, I saw this;

The followers were still there!

I couldn't even morn over my loss, I was just in shock it was still there. After all the hype... even bloglovin' said it was going away!

I mean, really, it seemed like a done deal.

What gives, Google!?

I am so upset. Of course it stinks to lose all of your followers, but you, Google need to learn a lesson in keeping promises.

I might not even talk to you for awhile after this (lies; i am always forced to talk to Google.)


a very disappointed blogger.
In all seriousness guys, there is something about... not followers in particular, but just... I don't know. It seems to me that most blogs use their followers as a popularity contest and write posts solely to get on their hands and knees and beg for as many followers as they can get, and then they brag when they get to 58.

They don't realize that behind the number you see on the screen is actually 58 people reading your stuff. Blog writers tend to see the number as just a thing that goes up when your blog is "the best", and frankly it bugs me.

I've gotten several people who will comment saying "Oooh, i love your blooogggg! follow me!" Sometimes they don't even follow your blog, even though they said "I love your blog!", until you follow theirs. It's selfish! (but i kind of fall for it... a lot, because I feel sorry for them.

I wish people didn't care how many followers they have. That they would just post and not care how big the number is, but actually care about the people who love to read their stuff.

I don't know if Google will take Google friend connect down or not, but I don't mind, I know my real followers will find a way to come back. I just love posting, and that's all that matters.


Hannah :)


  1. Okay so I said this earlier and I hate to be a kill joy...but it still might go (though I doubt it) because I know for very much certain that Google Reader is being booted today and it isn't yet...however I have a feeling this is for those last minute people or maybe it's because Google staff got lazy in any case It'll probably be gone tomorrow but...I have reason to believe it will stay.

    Reason 1. I only heard about it from one or two people no Google staff at all.

    Reason 2. Feedly is powered by Google and all those blogs I didn't subscribe to just followed were does that mean Google Friend Connect works through Feedly now? Yeppers Friend Connect will probably stay even if you don't have Feedly you will still be apart of Google Friend Connect.

    1. Yeah, I keep hearing "Oh, now it's going tomorrow!" But I'm just not going to worry about it. :P

  2. Forgot to add,
    I get what you're saying I get people like that all the bugs me a little too.

    The number really isn't important to me for popularity reasons but I like to see it there, to know that people are actually reading my blog I think of them as new friends not a way to boost popularity so that's why I was sad when I heard it might go away I still don't know if people switched readers and can still read my blog I hope so, because it's think that your not writing to yourself, but to your friends.

  3. If I could give you a hug right now I would, but you'll just have to imagine me on my feet, with a smile on my face, and applauding you. These are honestly my exact same thoughts. And although I love having followers and get excited when more people follow, that's not what I focus on.

    Google also disappointed me. I mean come on...if you're gonna disappear then do it!


    1. Yes! hurrah! someone understands me!

  4. I totally understand. I've been hearing so many different things that it's confusing me. :P But, if GFC isn't going away, I'm glad. :)


  5. My blog isn't that popular, I've only got 4 followers. And I was starting to get a bit discouraged, thinking that I'm not a good writer and all. But after reading your post, I realized it's not about the followers. It's about loving what you do. So thank you for giving me hope again :)


  6. I think it's Google Reader that shut down... the handy tool that summarized all the blogs you follow on your dashboard. I don't know if it shuts down for everyone automatically, but it did for me yesterday (I can no longer see new blog posts in my Reading List on Dashboard). And if it's Reader that shuts down, there's not a lot of point in Google Friend Connect, I think?

    Anyway... stupid confusing Google, haha! I'm getting the hang of Blog Lovin' so I'll just stick with that :P

    I know what you mean, it's super annoying when blogs just turn into follow-crazy machines. It can be easy to slip into that, actually. It's nice knowing a lot of people want to read my blog. But it turns out at least half of the followers you get actually comment and read, at least for me :P

    1. maybe.. but my google reader hasn't gone away... hummm...

  7. I just thought you should know that Google never really said that
    it was people who thought it would disappear because Google Reader was.
    And if Google Reader did say it they were only thinking about it.

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  9. Oh my gosh, I totally feel the same way about when people come onto your blog and then... ugh, that so annoys me. =P It's so right! They aren't just numbers! They're people! GO HANNAH!

  10. i noticed that as well and i was just completely confused. but i'm happy it's still there, considering it's a great way for me to keep up with all my blogs. i have a bloglovin account, but do i use it? no. i have a life to live and pizza to eat. ain't nobody got time fo dat!

  11. Oh look, someone just wrote out a lot of my thoughts from this morning. Weird.

    But seriously, what indeed is up with Google?!

  12. I know- it is confusing- the widget is still here and technically you can still "follow", however you will not receive any feed updates due to the fact that google reader has officially shut down. So in a way it is sort of like a dead link. Hope that helps!