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This house ^, though it may not look like much, has always had a special place in my heart. 

It was my Great Aunt's house, and since she died, we are trying to sell it. But now that we are trying to get rid of it I'm starting to realize just how special this house has been to me.

Many of my childhood memories are with that house. I remember I would always get excited when I was allowed to walk over there all by myself to visit with Aunt Barb, even though it always reeked of cigarette smoke. I remember going over there to feed her cats (well, before they ran away), we even had a photoshoot over there.

So this place has been a big part of my life. Watching it going up for sale is... I don't know... bittersweet? On one hand I'm glad that someone is going to come and fill the empty house, and we will get a new neighbor. But then on the other it feels, in a way, like they are ripping a part of my childhood away. I know that the house won't ever be the way I remember it, with new people coming to live in it.

It's just weird how things are changing. I'm usually fine with change, but I guess it's finally hitting me just how much things are changing.

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  1. I understand, change like that is hard to grasp. :( I hope you get really good neighbors.