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My Own Little Adventures

Poor Hannah. Poor, poor, poor Hannah. All alone. Nothin' to do.

Okay. I'm a sad mess right now. I have now lived a full one, two, three, four.... four days without my sister.

Sometimes I do wish I had gone with her, get some real camp adventure under my belt, but when I really think about it, I'm glad I decided not to go. Whenever I think about the stories we'll have to share, it sounds fun. I mean, when she is here, we are usually together, nothing new or exciting to share, but now we could spend a whole month remembering and telling stories of our own adventures while we were apart.

Okay, I'll admit it, my week hasn't been the most exciting or novel worthy week at all. But I guess I did have a small amount of adventures myself.

Like actually making something on pinterest... working on my book outline and getting ready for camp nano... getting stuff for my genealogy project... learning interesting stuff about my family... playing sailors with my little sister, Emma... trying to get Leigha to smile at me (no success)... finding bands I love (cough, cough, Celtic Thunder, cough)... recovering from that weird headache thing I had... almost getting a date to get my braces off... etc.

So yeah. I guess I did have a pretty good week when you think about it, er, really think about it. But I can't  wait to hear all of Chauncea's campy stories. She comes home tomorrow.

Well see you in the funnies! :)


  1. Yay! She's coming home tomorrow!

  2. YAY!! Time for some sisterly bond time.

  3. I don't know if my comment went through. i have trouble seeing my comment. The left sidebar is blocking my view. :( So glad your sister is coming back tomorrow. time for some sisterly bond time! :)