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Just out of it

I must apologize... I have just been so out of it lately.

You know when it feels like your mind is just a million miles away... well, that's what has been like for me all week so far. My head hurts, I'm dizzy. Whenever I get an idea for a post or anything I quickly forget it. I'm having a hard time focusing and concentrating on anything.

I don't really think it has much to do about my sister being gone, I'm just not feeling all that great.

And since Chauncea has left, my other siblings have decided that Chauncea is way more fun than me and that I just "hide myself in a dark corner all day reading a book..." Which is not true! I could not hide myself in a dark corner, not enough reading light. Plus, Extrovert! I would drive myself crazy.

I'm trying not to let it get to me, because they are convinced that in order for someone to be "fun" they have to go outside and play sports. And you have no idea how bad I am at sports! That is one of the things I am different from my younger siblings, they all eat, breathe, sleep baseball, soccer, anything that involves a ball.

Oh well. Hannah is frustrated.

...And totally unsure if she should publish this.... oh well, I probably will because I've got nothin' else.

Here's a song to make you happy!


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  1. Sorry that you haven't been feeling well..a few weeks ago I felt dizzy and out of it (with headaches too) and I think it was a virus...hopefully that is all you have too!! Get well soon!