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Everyday Stories

I have a strange fascination with stories. I see people walking past and wonder what their story is.

Maybe it's because I'm a writer.

But it's something that most people don't care about these days. We don't care if someone else is hurting, all we care about is our own hurt. Do we even realize that other people might be hurting?

I wrote about this in my notebook last night, because it was really bothering me.

I don't know, but I usually dwell on these things until I get it out in some way.

The copy I wrote in my notebook probably doesn't make sense, since I wrote it at 11:00 at night when I was really tired, but my feelings are still the same.

I care. I really do. I want to be able to know people's stories, to comfort them in hurting, and cheer when they're triumphant.

I care.


  1. I completely agree. I always want to know other peoples stories. I love people, you know? I just want to give 'em hugs sometimes. :)

  2. Simply by expressing your desire to comfort people made me feel better. Indeed life is tough and we go through bumps and detours along the way but it's nice to see a random stranger who does even the smallest good deed... something like this. :)

  3. I think I know what you mean. I think about some of the same things when I see random strangers, or just people that I "kind of" or "barely" know. And you wonder if they have issues or hurts that they need comfort and help with. But most people don't want others to see their hurts or know about their struggles so all just go on shouldering stuff on our own.

    Interesting post!

    God bless,
    Joy :)

  4. Couldn't agree more. I totally know where you are coming from, and I think about this quite often. We pass by people every day and have no idea what they're dealing with. Love this post!