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Let's be mad scientists!

Normally this would be a post for my book blog, but for some unknown reason I decided to post it here.

I hardly ever really talk about my writing here, do I? I bet only a handful of you guys actually know that I do write.

But, it's true, I am a crazy writer person.

I frantically scribble down things and ideas that come to mind, sometimes on napkins or my arm when I can't find any decent paper.

I stay up late sticking post-it notes on my bed room walls with my outlines written on them, and tap pictures and inspiration in my blue notebook.

We writers (if you are a writer, you should know what I'm talking about) are mad!

Recently, I had this strange realization; writers are like mad scientists! (Wow, I never though I would call myself a scientist in any way... )Come on you can't deny it.

We are passionate crazy, lunatic, mad scientists!

...Except, instead of science it's writing, which everyone knows is waaaay more interesting! :) (so, I guess everyone has figured out that science isn't my cup of tea. Sorry to all my followers who like science. :/)

What do you think of when you think 'mad scientist'? Late hours tinkering with experiments and hypothesis? Crazy hair? Okay, I don't know exactly what scientists do... so why don't we just call ourselves mad writers instead?

We are dedicated!

We take great pleasure in ripping out the characters hearts (and the readers with it) and stomping it it into the ground, then put it back with scars. We twist up the plot until it's not even recognizable anymore!

There is one evening in particular in my memory where I can remember feeling like a real and true mad writer!

I was sitting on the couch, my siblings contently watching tv in the background (every writer needs her background noise... or at least I do.), and me, writing like crazy. My hair was pulled into a very messy ponytail because it was getting in my face and blocking my view of my words (there may have been an extra pencil buried in my ponytail too, I don't know). I was writing away, oblivious to the world. I was sort of in the "zone" where everything was just fitting perfectly and I was just punched in the face with inspiration. (Best. Feeling. Ever!)

This was when I first thought of the connection between  mad scientists and crazy writers.

So what do you think, are we crazy or what?

Well, we might be mad, but as Alice says in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland; "All the best people are." :)


  1. Yes, definitely insane!!!!!!!!!!! Are you joking? Hehe. FINALLY someone else comes to the realization;)


  2. I have trouble sometimes getting into the Zone because of interruptions. How do you do it to focus?

    1. I don't know. Maybe since I am the oldest of seven I got used to it or something. It's kind of weird, actually when it's quiet. :/

  3. We are mad. But like in ALice in Wonderland, some of the most brilliant people are mad. So thank goodness that we writers are mad little creatures.