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In which I turn another year older

Okay. This is late. My birthday was on Tuesday. But technically it is still my birth-week, so I can totally still post this.

Growing up isn't a hard thing to do. You can just sit and do nothing your whole life and you can still grow with no effort.

When I was younger I would wonder all the time what I would look like or be like when I was a teenager. And I would wish with all my might that I could be older right now!

Isn't it funny how much we want to grow up when we are younger, but then when we are 'grown up' we wish we could just crawl back into our little safe world of childhood.

When we are little we don't have anything to worry about but who ate the last cookie.

We want to grow up, thinking when we are older we would have it all figured out. I always thought that when I turned thirteen I would be able to do anything. I've been living in my teens for several years now, and, honestly, it's not how I thought it would be.

I used to see teenagers, who seemed like giants to me. They were all good looking, had boyfriends, and could drive cars and work any place they wanted.

Getting older is much scarier than it seems.

When we are young we don't think of the heartbreaks, the insecurities, and trying to fit in. We don't know about the people who will want to hurt us.

Sometimes I do wish I could go back to my firefly catching days. But I know that God is holding my hand through these hard years, and will help me find myself. :)

A (very blurry) picture of my sister chauncea (left) and I on my birthday. 


  1. happy birthday, Hannah! i love the picture :)

  2. That's a beautiful post Hannah. Happy belated birthday!!! <3

  3. Happy birthday! However, I must object on the "when we were young" thing. I am still young, being only ten, yet really don't believe any of those things you said. However, this post really does apply to me with your whole it's okay growing up thing, since I'm usually considered very mature, aka, numerous people have put me on the same level as my just-turned-18 brother:/


    1. by "young" i mean more when I was 5 or 6.

      I am sure you are waaay more mature than i was when I was 10. :)

  4. "
    Isn't it funny how much we want to grow up when we are younger, but then when we are 'grown up' we wish we could just crawl back into our little safe world of childhood. "

    This is so true, and I've felt this at multiple times in my life. In fact, I'll be honest, I spent the latter part of my highschool years(mainly junior and senior) feeling sad and blue because I had grown up, and will continue to be growing up and because I almost was shocked really by the reality of what growing up feels like. I was sad to no longer be ignorant, and sad to realize that this was what I had once looked forward to. But I no longer look at life like that anymore. Even though there are a lot of things we now know and can't unknow, I feel more excited for the future instead and cheerful thinking of the things I have yet to experience and places yet to be and people yet to meet. There will always be hardships a long the way but another perk of being older is learning the beautiful peace and assurance that God gives you when you trust in Him completely. And I trust in Him, and therefore I'm happy. And I'm happy because even though I'm growing older and some things will never be the same as it was when iw as little, I can still have the joy of a child. I can still get excited about life. And I can still dream like I did back then. And therefore, I will.

  5. Yeah growing up is a strange thing.
    You spend most of your childhood wishing you were older
    you spend most of you older years wishing you were younger....
    never content but then...well then you get it and it's like things click
    I don't know but it seems to me that while I still wish for the security
    of childhood I'm ready to embrace the openess of growing's kind
    of scary with all the politics, money issues, choices, and so on especially
    when you're starting to approach your graduation year and you wonder how on
    earth you are going to cope after that; But you also know that while everything
    seems so uncertain you still have something to grab onto...Christ and I do very often
    have to put my faith in him, in his path for my life and that keeps me from worrying
    to much because whatever I happens I know he is in control...So yeah :D I get what you're saying.