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In which I fangirl over everything

Every once in a while, I get so fangirly, and need someway to vent it all out. Talking to my family about my fandoms doesn't really work, they either have not a clue what I'm talking about, or they think (well, mostly my sister) that I'm obsessive... which I guess I am. Anyway, this is just a post where I get all my fangirlyness out so I can move on.

I guess I could get a tumblr, so I could get it out everyday, but tumblr scares me (sorry to all you tumblrians).  So, I'll just do it here.

I have joined pretty much every fandom I know about. I have friends who are into all of that stuff, and introduce me to all of it (and warn me off of some things too, because I'm just an innocent child or something...). Thanks to them, I guess I can call myself a full fledged fangirl.

Hannah; "fanning" since 2011 (or around 2011)

I have been introduced to The Doctor, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, and many others because of them. (Thanks guys, I would link up their tumblrs, but I can't ever remember their usernames :P sorry)

So yeah. But there have been others that I have introduced myself to some fandoms too.

Like LOTR. :)

I have only just found Downton Abbey... and... I can't even. It's so stinkin' beautiful! :')
These two! I love 'em! :)

Yeah. I kind of have a fictional bucket list, which mostly consists of going to all of these fictional settings. Middle Earth, Narnia, the TARDIS, and Downton Abbey (Oh, I want to go to Downton Abbey so badly, to kick Thomas more than anything :P) are all on this list.

Why must everything be fictional!?

Okay, Hannah needs to calm down.


Oh, and the Once Upon a Time season finale just came out, and they are killing me!

Sorry, not calming down.

I'm trying not to give away any spoilers for anything here, but man it's hard.

If you all liked this post for some reason, you can see more of my fangirlyness on my fandom pinterest board, which has everything on it!

Yikes, I think I just admitted I'm a geek.

Oh well, I regret nothing.


  1. Man, no worries, I am a HUGE fan-girl, no doubt about it. Have you seen the show Merlin and... and... I watched the season finale last night and... and... I ran into the kitchen for a few parts and even Ian who prides himself upon not getting attached to characters yelled no and ran into the kitchen for a lot longer than me! Ack! I need to find someone who's seen the whole thing to vent out my troubles on:/


  2. You're not the only fangirl here haha :D

  3. AHH fangirling is...ah!! I fangirl over lots of things/people...Harry Potter, Divergent, LOTR, Inkheart, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift...<3

  4. fangirling is the absolute best =)

  5. Yes, I am a fangirl of anything Tolkien, anything Avengers, and anything Once Upon a Time :) I love fangirling ... makes me feel a "part of the world."

  6. "Why must everything be fictionial?!"

    AGREED. ;) Let's see. I fangirl over MHJR (my favorite Youtube musicians), Captain America/The Avengers/Spiderman, Owl City, Once Upon a Time, and occasionally Tom Hiddleston. :)

    I watched the first LOTR movie the other day and I could see it becoming one of my loves. :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)

  7. Hey Hannah, I love your blog! :) I was reading your 'about' page...I have a pet rabbit of interesting character too. Hehe. I love her though. :)Anyways, I love your blog, and now I'm gonna go follow....
    Have a great day!
    P.S. I'd love it if you checked out my blog:
    P.P.S. I almost forgot, you seem to enjoy fangirling, yes? Well, you might like Merlin (BBC TV series), I love it. :)