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If you could see my brain

Imagine if you will, a dirty room... wait, no, a dirty basement. One that has been neglected. Nothing more than a large storage space. You know what it's like, to throw stuff after stuff after stuff into a basement and totally forget about it.

...Or maybe a hoarder's house...

That is how my brain looks right about now.

I have spent the past school year just throwing stuff in there. Filling up my brain to it's full capacity. Yeah.

I am ready for summer!

And here is some good news... I'm done with math for the year!

...Okay, so I do have this one pesky math test I have to take, but the I am finished!

Good riddance to the second worst subject on the planet. (The worst subject is science, but seeing my progress in science this year, I will most definitely have to do science over the summer :( )

So this *points to self* chica is ready for summer. And it better come soon or my brain is going to simply explode!


  1. haha yes, science is the worst. ;D

  2. Congrats on finishing math!!!! Golly, that much feel so...good. :) Personally (and sadly) I have plenty more in my book... :'( Hehe....
    Good luck on your test!
    P.S. Thanks for following & commenting on my blog, it means a lot; its SO nice to 'meet' you! :)

  3. I also dislike science. . . . Congratulations on finishing out math for the year!

  4. Summer will come and your brain will relax. :) Like the picture!!!

    ~Amber :D