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100!? What?

So, yesterday morning, I woke up, like I always do, and headed down to check all my stuff on the internet. Tired and groggy, I logged into my blogger account, and I was greeted by this little number next to my "followers" link;


Needless to say, that woke me up quite a bit. 

100 followers guys! in Neverland has 100 followers! Someone pinch me, because this all must be a dream, right? 

I had been staring at that 99 forever, just waiting for it to change into that triple-digit number... I think it was having fun with me, waiting until I'd explode or something. 

But finally, it happened, one more person came and followed, making it 100... 

100... I like the number, it's so big and beautiful.

I'd like to give a giant, huge, great virtual bear hug to all of my followers, and thank them so much. 

My little blog now has 100 readers, and I am sososo amazed!  

And now, I kind of have to have a giveaway, don't I? I've been trying to have a giveaway for awhile, but i always have trouble picking shops to ask for sponsorship. So if you guys have any etsy stores or something you'd like to see on the giveaway, let me know, that will help me out a lot. (It sounds desperate  but it will help me, and you guys will get free stuff, so, yeah."

Thank you again. Y'all are the best followers in the whole wide world! :)