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You can come anytime, Summer!

So, yet again I'm drowning in school... I feel like as long as school is going on, this pattern is going to continue.

I am just ready for summer. Maybe I will get a better routine, and better time management magically going during the summer.

This summer is going to be different for me.

Usually summer is choke full of 4-H and rushing around the fairgrounds. We hide from the world in our little 4-H bubble.

But this summer I'm hoping (for me anyway) to do more stuff. Less 4-H, more... other things.

For one I'd like to get a job. I've been talking about getting a job for awhile now, and think I can get one over the summer. I have as much money that the average high school freshman never has.

I also am planning to write my first draft manuscript. This month I have been outlining, and once May starts, I'll be writing like the wind. I hope to finish the manuscript in early September.

I'm making goals  which is good,I need them.

So now I wait, and hopefully miraculously pull through with my school.

P.S. I learned that the maximum number of blogs you can follow is 300. (who knew!?) And until I find a time to go through and delete some that don't have posts anymore, I'll have to put followering on hold for awhile. So if I promised you that I would follow you, then I am still going to, just be patient.


  1. Wow . . . I didn't realize that you could only follow 300 blogs! But I had enough trouble keeping up with 50 . . . I had to "unfollow" some people recently.

  2. Some of our friends do a lot of 4-H, resulting in them not being able to go to the movies with us once:( I am currently working on my first draft for my book... I've heard a lot of good things about my idea so that's exciting:) By the way have you seen the tv show Merlin??? I seem to ask everyone that... I'm only slightly obsessed:)


  3. I didn't know you can follow up to 300 people. Thanks for letting us know. And I wish you the very best for summer and your manuscript. :) Go for it!

  4. I know the feeling of 4-H... when I did it, I just felt too busy. =P Hope you get a job! And good luck on your manuscript!! :) And thanks for the 300 blogs-you-can-follow;)