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If I haven't mentioned it before, the weather where I live is weird!

It can be snowing, raining, and blistering hot all in one day! And these past few weeks have been no exception. They can go into the record books for strangest weather.

Three days after the first day of spring, it snowed. hard. We had like, no kidding, ten inches of snow. People kept posting on facebook stuff like "This is spring!?". And then A couple days later it got really warm and nice out. Like spring. But there were still mounds of snow unmelted from the giant snow explosion.

Sometimes our weather gets on my nerves. Make up your mind!

But Easter was absolutely beautiful! the weather, and, no snow! (I love snow, but when it's suppose to be spring? no!) It even had that springy smell. (you know what I mean.)

And even though my hair was an absolute wreck, I agreed to have a photoshoot with my sister, who was just dying for a new profile picture for facebook (rolls eyes).

I don't usually do this, but here is a photoshoot post, to celebrate the newcoming of spring, let's just hope it stays like this.

of course she needed pictures with her guitar.

the three of us girls. if only Emma was there.

And now... the pictures of me. I hope I don't regret this...

yes, I changed outfits... so what?

We got all of us in a picture! Except Emma... I think she was taking a nap.

Have a great day :)


  1. Love this! And your outfits:) cute.

  2. I know what you mean of that Spring smell. Smells good! You have really blue eyes. So beautiful. Wish I had blue eyes like yours.

  3. Oh my word!! Your sister looks almost exactly like my cousin!! =D

    You girls are so lovely, by the way. :)

    Great photography, Hannah!! :)

  4. You're hair is so pretty! Great pictures :)

  5. such a cute outfit! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit m y blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  6. And I thought we were having a bizarre beginning to spring!! And don't regret the photos of you, you look amazing!! Have a great day,

  7. Lovely pictures! The same thing goes for where I live, the weather here is WEIRD.

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    Wish you a nice week!

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  9. Hehe, your sister reminds me of mine. Your posts are so happy. Glad I came across your blog!

    The Lost Caravan

  10. You girls are adorable!!! I love the group shot, veryy good quallity!!

  11. Your weather sounds like the weather where I live. It's freezing one minute then it's burning hot. You guys captured some lovely photos. My favorite is the one with you leaning against the stairs.

  12. These are great pictures, Hannah!