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GUEST POST: sometimes when you're a dreamer..

i'm so happy to be guest posting for ya'll while hannah is busy with acting and all the awesome stuff that goes along with it. so thank you x10, hannah!

i don't really have words or a fancy way of describing him.
there isn't some poetic way of saying his laugh is so full of child like joy.
and when he laughs, i can't help but laugh along.
i can't tell you about how he trips over air
and falls backwards in his chair, without making him sound like a klutz. 
(he wasn't. promise)
prose couldn't sum up the way my heart jumps whenever he talks with the cats.
and meows. but that's another story.
sometimes you cannot describe something so wonderful, for fear you'll mess up the image in your mind.
and the only image i have, is him holding the cards in his dark, long, calloused hands.
the image i have of his face is blurry. the last time i saw him, i had a hard time looking at him
and i've always had a hard time memorizing. especially when people are around.
but i can't forget his smile. bright against the night, shining in the especially bright moonlight. 
his eyes, i can't see in the same image, ingrained in my brain. 
it's too dark.
his eyes are an image of their own. i can't describe them. sometimes words can unsaturate an image.
ruining it.
but theres something so intriguing about someone like him.
a tall
clean cut boy (man)
who still blushes when he's embarrassed 
(which is a lot).
who sings. badly. whenever he wants to.
a someone that really wants to do the right thing.
but is a little lost.
and sometimes, when you're a dreamer, you cant help but imagine you two could both find your way together.

i'm natalia and i blog at 

i'm way bad at describing myself. the words to describe myself, my hobbies, and my likes are ever changing. sometimes i like to take pictures, sometimes i like solitude, sometimes i like reading, sometimes i like writing, sometimes i like late nights, sometimes i like just the opposite. my blog is an unboxed type of blog. i write about whatever i like (or dislike) at the moment. i hope you stop by and check it out sometime! and again, thank you, hannah, for this opportunity! xx

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