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Guest Post: Short story from Hilda

Hey this is Hannah here! Introducing our next guest poster, Hilda from Hilda Leticia Dominguez. She asked me to post this short story from you all. hope you enjoy and check out Hilda's blog (link above)^.

The Mysterious Present
                                                                      by Hilda D.

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I am Amy Johnson and I am 12 years old. I’m so excited because my birthday will be this Saturday! I am going to be 13. Mom and Dad said that I can get any item from the auction tomorrow as a birthday gift, but it has to be under two hundred dollars. Still, that is a lot for a birthday present, so I said “okay.”

At the auction, I saw several items that was going to be auctioned off. There were some old lamps, lots of old paintings, an antique trunk, and some other stuff. When I saw those, I got disappointed because I then realized that auctions are just to sell off old stuff. As you can tell, I have never been to an auction before this day. Anyway, there was something that caught my eye. It’s hard to explain but this item grabbed my attention as it laid on a crate. It was a desk. It was the only item that looked newer. Either that or it was in great shape for an old desk. After I saw it, then and there, I decided that mysterious desk was mine. I was so excited!

The announcer guy finally brought the desk and I nearly fainted when I heard him say, “We have this desk which was made in 1917 and previously owned by the author, Mrs. Carol Smith. My heart flipped! It was your desk! Whohooo! I definitely had to have it. So the bid was started at a hundred dollars. I whispered to my dad that it was your desk and if I could have it. Dad knows how much I love your books. Your books which I read over and over and over are now so beat up that I had to put tape on some of the pages so that they don’t fall out. But then, I was bummed. Someone had up bid to three hundred dollars. I knew it was gone. I looked at my dad feeling so sad, so depressed, and I tried not to cry.

But guess what? I was shocked to hear Dad shout, “Five hundred dollars!” My jaw nearly dropped!

“But dad, that’s a lot,” I told him.

“I know, honey, but I know how much you love this desk from your favorite author.”

“No, Dad, really. It’s too expensive.”

Then we all noticed that the legs of the desk fell off. The other auctioneers withdrew their bids right away. So did Dad. But I know him. He is smart. When the guy announced a do over, Dad got me the desk for only fifty bucks! It was a miracle!

After my dad fixed the legs of my mysterious gift, I sat down on my regular chair and ran a hand softly across the desk to feel it. It has a few compartments and a tiny one which was locked. I tried to open it but I couldn’t. Dad even tried to pry it open with a flat head screwdriver. No luck. So we just left it at that and I enjoyed writing my homework and stories on it.

I’m home schooled which is awesome because I get to do my homework whenever I want to. I always finish it before ten in the morning which gives me the rest of the day to do other stuff. Sometimes I write stories right after I finish my homework. I want to be just like you, Mrs. Smith.

I better go. I babbled a lot already and you must be busy with writing your next book. That is what I read on your website recently that you are writing another book. When will it be at bookstores?

Your #1 fan and friend,
Amy Johnson.


Dear Amy,

I must say, I am both shocked and pleased that you have my desk. The bad news is, I didn’t give it away. No, dear. It was stolen from me about a week ago. I am pleased you have my desk and you may keep it.  However, I must ask you a big, important favor. In that desk, I have my manuscript. It is on the right drawer to your right. Can you please send it to me to my address? And I ask that you please do not share my address to anyone. If I do not turn in my manuscript by next week, there will be no book for this summer.

Mrs. Smith


Dear Mrs. Smith,

You actually wrote to me! I’m so excited! You can have your desk back if you like. And you can totally trust me. I promise, and I never break a promise. I put all your belongings and your story in a box and Dad just shipped it out this morning.

What else was stolen from you? I saw some old lamps and paintings and other stuff at the auction. Are they yours, too?

Your friend,


Dear Amy,

Thank you so much for your promise! I am definitely trusting you keep my address a secret. And thank your father for me too, please. He must have shipped it to me overnight. It says so in the box. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have my manuscript back! And it is all thanks to you, Amy, dear. Because of you, my story will be published and available in bookstores this summer.

I don’t know if the other items you saw in the auction were mine, but I am only concerned about my manuscript. It’s important because I had a deadline to meet, which is part of my job. Everything else is just a material thing. No importance whatsoever. Tell your father I sent him a check for the cost of shipping my belongings and a little something extra to say thank you. I am grateful for all you’ve done for me.

You mentioned in your letter that you want to be like me. Dear, the first important rule as an author I will share with you is: be yourself. Every writer has their own story to tell. I have my own. And you have your own, too. If we all copied one another, there wouldn’t be any special authors. We are all special because we are ourselves. Okay, dear?

Secondly, I recommend you start  a journal, or as I call it, a diary. Write in it as often as you can. When you get inspired to write a poem or a story, don’t hold back. Read and write a lot. But also do not forget there is a beautiful world out there filled with beautiful flowers, meadows, and some interesting people. Live your life joyfully. Those adventures are what will inspire you of what to write about.

Good luck, my dear. There is always room in this world for another great author.

P.S. To open that little door, there is a secret handle under the desk. Pull it to the right and it will open. That is where I stored my inspirational clippings. When I find inspiration from a magazine or from someone, I write it down and store it there for when I need inspiration. You are free to keep them. Hopefully they help you, too.

Ms. Smith.


Dear Mrs. Smith,

Yup, it is summer vacation. Yahoooo! :-D  And I just finished reading your book, “Adventures with Father.” It was so good I finished it in two days! I would have finished late at night but Mom made me go to bed and took away the book from me. Darn it! Hehee!

Sorry for not answering your last letter. I was so busy with schoolwork and other stuff. Thank you, Mrs. Smith, for your writing tips. I can now see what you mean. I’ve been writing in my diary almost every day when I have the chance. Sometimes it’s long, sometimes it’s only short; like one sentence minimum. I had a rough start because I didn’t know what to write about. But what helped me through was your other advice I found on your website. You must have added it after your letter because I haven’t seen it before, and I check your website often. Under “writing tips” you said that when we get stuck in writing, just write it as if you are writing to someone or telling a story. My neighbor, who is my English teacher, said that my writing has improved a lot.

My dad gave me some money from your check for my birthday present. Thank you so much and for the birthday card. I have it tacked on my corkboard next to my desk. Oh, and about the little locked compartment, I did what you said and it did open! It’s so sweet of you to let me keep them, but I’ve sent them to you yesterday. It’s yours and you need something that will help you feel inspired to write. I already have mine: you’re letters. That is where I keep your letters. :-D

Wishing you all the very best, Love,
Amy Johnson

 DO NOT STEAL! DO NOT COPY! Copyright (c) 2013 Hilda Leticia Dominguez 


  1. That's a really cool story Hilda! I really like reading short stories people write :)