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Guest Blogger: City Girl

**I want to give a really big thank-you to Hannah for letting me post on her blog. She is great friend and I love her blog. Thank-you Hannah!**

Today I am honored to be blogging for you. My name is Emma and I blog over at Rescue the Orphaned.
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Do you ever see a bus and want to be on it. A city sidewalk you wish you were walking. Exotic food you wish you could taste? I am a traveler. I love to travel. I adore buses, taxis, trains, planes, and hotels. The thought of an adventure excites me to my core.

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I know that some people hate traveling. Leaving home, and being in uncertain places. However I know their are people who adore it as well. 

I especially love big busy cities. Looking into shops, smelling street food, stopping at a cute little coffee shop. I am not much for the country, I like action and people. Big fields and fresh air are nice, it's just not a 'love' thing. 

I get tired of being young and unable to do the things I want. I can't just pack a bag and go an adventure. I honestly would love to travel the world. See the Eiffel Tower, taste real Italian pizza, see the Colosseum. 

I have been to China twice. It is my dream land. I want to live there SO bad. I've walked on the Great Wall of China, and gone to street markets, and huge cities. 

Most of all, I love Chinese people. It's something about them. They touch me deep down.

In a few days my family is going to Chicago! Exciting right? I'll get to pass through the city, and maybe get a deep-dish pizza! The thought of traveling is such a welcomed feeling. Before long I'll be packing my suitcase.

What about you? Are you a traveler at heart?
Source: via Emma on Pinterest

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  1. Chicago is amazing. I live about an hour away from there. It's beautiful! xx

  2. Yes I know not everyone is the same but....
    something someone very wise once said to me
    "Cherish these days because when you've finally grown up those responsibilities will weigh on you and you'll wish you were young again." I know at the moment you feel pinned down and such but when you get older you may be able to go but does that mean that you're free? What I'm saying is that even after you leave the house you'll still have responsibilities and limits in fact those responsibilities are amplified becoming essential for you to live so in conclusion treasure your young years they won't last forever.
    ~Poem Girl

  3. LOVE IT EMMA! :) Chicago is sooo much fun! I've been there twice and there are endless possibilities to explore! One of my favorite places in Chicago is Navy Pier & the Skydeck! Can't wait to see your adventures when you get back!

    Especially in the winter, they have lots of extra places to visit! :)


  4. Emma, you are a girl after my own heart. :) You just basically described me. Forever I have been waiting to travel, and honestly, I already have plans to tour Europe someday. haha

    Have fun in Chicago! :)

  5. Emma, I feel just like this at times! I remember seeing planes fly over and wishing I could be on them, flying to China. I think you and I share the same love for everything China-related. I love the Chinese people, too. :)

    I loved this post! :D

    God bless,
    Joy :)