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Christmas in the Making

I have noticed that, despite the excitement and extreme pleasure I am having since the Christmas season is upon us, there is a stunning lack of Christmas posts around here! Well let's change that!

I absolutely positively LOVE Christmas, and I mean LOVE! (notice my use of bold and italics on that last LOVE) With every Christmas commercial, every Christmas special, every ornament we put on the tree, every Christmas cookie indulged, and every Christmas song that gets played on the radio, (The country music station is now my favorite radio station because they've been playing like nothing but Christmas music 24/7) gets me more and more excited for the Chritmas-y goodness that is Christmas day. :)

Christmas (sorry, I absolutely refuse to call it 'the Holidays' it just doesn't sound right. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.) for us is a conglomeration of putting our Christmas tree up late-ish, we usually wait until like a week after Thanksgiving, scented candles, Christmas specials every night, Christmas cookies, etc.

I try to live up as much Christmas as I can, because, well, how many times can you celebrate Christmas-y goodness a year?

And the best part, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus! XD It's all so exciting!

What's your Christmas like?


  1. I love this. And i love Christmas! I Actually juuust posted about it this morbning:)

  2. Well if your opinion of late-ish is a week after thanksgiving then you must think ours is super mega late we usually get it and put it up a week before Christmas, They said we might get it earlier, but I don't know cause that's what they said last year but like you said that doesn't really matter it's about the birth of Christ! We have a Night of Christmas music coming up at our church and the some of us are putting on a negativity play I'm going to be Mary that'll be a treat :)
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

    1. Yeah, I don't know why, but Mom always wants to wait as late as possible to put the tree up. :P

      Oooh, playing Mary should be fun! :D Good luck with that!


  3. Yes! I just love Christmas!! :)