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A Year or so Ago. :)

Guess what, guess what, guess what!!!

I checked my blogaversary on my old blog (you know, the one I stopped?) and I found out that a week ago was the day I started blogging! (I'm sorry if that wording is confusing, I had trouble figuring out how to say it)

I have now been a-blogging for a whole year! 365 days! (or 366, leap year)

I've gained followers, I've lost followers. I've been in slumps, I've posted stupid things that were and are completely pointless.

For those of you who have stuck with me from the beginning, I love you!! :) and welcome to any new followers, I love you too! :D

I wish I could follow and get to know all of you. (and I would if I had endless time on my hands)

Thanks. :)

If I had been a better blogger back then, I would post the link to my first ever post, but alas, my first post was rather embarrassing and pointless. Sorry, but I don't want you guys to read it. But if you have the link to my old blog, you can find it if you want. (No, I'm not even posting the link to my old blog. I should just delete it, but it's so sentimental, I just don't have the heart.)

Anyway! Thank you all for following! Let's make this next year just as fantastic as the last.

It was a blast! :)