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Has This Ever Happened to You?

You have this amazing idea for a story, and you are so excited about it. you can't stop thinking about it. It sounds like a genius idea. Like J.K. Rowling couldn't think of a better idea.

You've been plotting this genius idea for over a month. You have beautiful characters that you love, and interesting plot twists and turns.

You are just full of so much enthusiasm for this idea, you can't let it go.

And, you sit down to finally put your magnum opus on paper, and nothing comes out.

Please tell me that this has happened to someone other than me.

What? It's just me? Okay... then I guess I'm just weird. ^This has been my problem lately.

It's the first paragraph that's getting me.

People complain about not getting their middle right. Well, I'm having trouble simply getting to my middle. It's driving me crazy! absolutely bonkers!

I swear I've tried everything! Every single first line I can think of. I have taken a break. I have searched through the Go Teen Writer's archives hoping for a solution for my problem.

Do you guys have any advice? I'm desperate! I'll take anything.

Sorry, I just have to get this off my chest.