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What's December Without Christmas Eve?

There's the snow

Look out below
And bundle up
Cause here it comes
Run outside
So starry eyed
A snowball fight breaks out
And winter has finally begun

It's here! Christmas Eve. The final day of waiting, the final push for Christmas...

On Thursday night we finally got snow! The wind, the snow. Ah, it was just beautiful. I wanted to run around and just soak up all the snowy goodness, but it was like midnight, and our neighbors already think we're creeps.

We only got like an inch. But I was happy. 

I twirl through the driveway with angelic grace

Till I slip on the sidewalk and fall on my face

This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet
I don't need to taste to believe
What's December without Christmas Eve?

I wanted to run around and just soak up all the snowy goodness, but it was like midnight, and our neighbors already think we're creeps.

We only got like an inch. But I was happy.

Hop in the sleigh

And we'll glide away
Into the night
And we'll sip on moonlight
Runny nose
My frosty toes
Are getting cold but I feel alive

So I smile wide 

A couple presents under the tree, and I'm simply oozing with excitement! Watching my siblings trying to guess what could possibly be in the packages. It's kind of funny actually, especially when you know what's in some of them. ;)

The snowflakes start falling and I start to float

Till my mean older brother stuffs snow down my coat
This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet
I don't need to taste to believe
What's December without Christmas Eve?

The beautiful feeling, that Christmas is tomorrow. That the waiting was worth it.

All this holiday cheer

Heaven knows where it goes
But it returns every year

And though this winter does nothing but storm
The joy in my heart is ablaze and it's keeping me warm
It's keeping me warm
It's keeping me warm

We finally get to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus. :)

I rip off the wrapping and tear through the box

Till I end up with 45 new pairs of socks

This peppermint winter is so sugar sweet
I don't need to taste to believe
What's December without Christmas Eve?~
Peppermint Winter, Owl City

So, enjoy your family, friends, gifts, and whatever tradition you might have. Christmas only comes once a year, so soak it up, try to remember every detail. And don't forget the reason why we have Christmas. ;)

This is Hannah, wishing you a Merry Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate. <3 data-blogger-escaped-div="div">

A Christmas-y Playlist for You!

So, hi, everyone!

I don't know about you, but I am very excited for Christmas! :D

And, I don't know about you, but I love, love, love, Christmas music!

So, I have thrown together a list of my absolute favorite Christmas songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(to many exclamation points?)

There are 10 songs, because I didn't want to overwhelm you with songs (but mostly because I couldn't think of more than 10). I tried to get a variety of song for a lot of different people. Funny songs, sad songs, classic songs, yeah, I did my best.

Here are the songs, just in case you can't ready it on the list.

1) Come on Christmas// Matthew West

This is a song I like to listen to whether it's Christmas or not.

2) It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas// Micheal Buble

3) Santa Baby// Taylor Swift

4) Christmas Medley// Jeffery Dallas
Jeffery Dallas is a character made up by (the genius) Julian Smith. And if your wondering why he's all... weird, it's because he ate a jellyfish.

5) Christmas Card// Steven Curtis Chapman
This is a song for anyone who's having a hard time this Christmas, just listen, this song is for you. :)

6) The First Noel// Kari Jobe

7) Christmas's when you were mine// Taylor Swift
For anyone who went through a hard break-up recently.
8) I wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas// Gayla Peevey
This song never fails to make me laugh! :)
9) Peppermint Winter// Owl City
It's by Owl City, it has to be awesome!
10) Last Christmas// Britt Nicole

Listen to the songs and let me know which ones you like! :)

Also, if you make a Christmas playlist, I would love to listen to it! Just put the link to yours in the comments!

Merry Christmas. <3

Christmas in the Making

I have noticed that, despite the excitement and extreme pleasure I am having since the Christmas season is upon us, there is a stunning lack of Christmas posts around here! Well let's change that!

I absolutely positively LOVE Christmas, and I mean LOVE! (notice my use of bold and italics on that last LOVE) With every Christmas commercial, every Christmas special, every ornament we put on the tree, every Christmas cookie indulged, and every Christmas song that gets played on the radio, (The country music station is now my favorite radio station because they've been playing like nothing but Christmas music 24/7) gets me more and more excited for the Chritmas-y goodness that is Christmas day. :)

Christmas (sorry, I absolutely refuse to call it 'the Holidays' it just doesn't sound right. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.) for us is a conglomeration of putting our Christmas tree up late-ish, we usually wait until like a week after Thanksgiving, scented candles, Christmas specials every night, Christmas cookies, etc.

I try to live up as much Christmas as I can, because, well, how many times can you celebrate Christmas-y goodness a year?

And the best part, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus! XD It's all so exciting!

What's your Christmas like?

My Pledge to Write Words.

I love following blogs! If I find a blog (most of the time by a fellow teen blogger) I will follow. :) I follow a variety of blogs, by a variety of writers. And I have learned that my favorite blogs to read are the ones with words.

The type of blog that I find myself reading late at night on my tablet are the blogs that have long posts, with words that just flow perfectly together. Words that mean something to someone in their life. Words that just touch people and help in their situations.

I'm the sort of girl who loves to read long books. The thicker the better, I say. and I don't bore you with EXTREMELY long posts, but I want to start writing words.

If I don't write my thoughts down, I will go completely and utterly mad!

I've noticed sooo many blogs, that used to write long posts that I just gobbled up, have sort of changed.

All of these amazing blogs have turned into photography blogs. You know what I mean?

Not that photography blogs are bad, I follow several, and I always enjoy scrolling through the many beautiful pictures. And that's the way that some people express themselves, through taking pictures of the world around them, capturing memories. I enjoy taking pictures myself.

But for these blogs that used to have long posts with words, not photos, I still expect some words.

I'll still follow and look around, but it just doesn't seem the same.

I'm not trying to shoot down these blogs, I just want more words and less photos. A nice balance is perfect.

This is just a pledge to you guys, to promise words, and not always photos. An occasional photography post  might be in order, when I have an exciting picture to show you. But I don't want this to be a photography blog.

Thanks for reading my mindless ramble <3

A Year or so Ago. :)

Guess what, guess what, guess what!!!

I checked my blogaversary on my old blog (you know, the one I stopped?) and I found out that a week ago was the day I started blogging! (I'm sorry if that wording is confusing, I had trouble figuring out how to say it)

I have now been a-blogging for a whole year! 365 days! (or 366, leap year)

I've gained followers, I've lost followers. I've been in slumps, I've posted stupid things that were and are completely pointless.

For those of you who have stuck with me from the beginning, I love you!! :) and welcome to any new followers, I love you too! :D

I wish I could follow and get to know all of you. (and I would if I had endless time on my hands)

Thanks. :)

If I had been a better blogger back then, I would post the link to my first ever post, but alas, my first post was rather embarrassing and pointless. Sorry, but I don't want you guys to read it. But if you have the link to my old blog, you can find it if you want. (No, I'm not even posting the link to my old blog. I should just delete it, but it's so sentimental, I just don't have the heart.)

Anyway! Thank you all for following! Let's make this next year just as fantastic as the last.

It was a blast! :)


Everyone Needs a Confidence Boost Once in a While

I have a confidence problem. But I guess we all do once in a while. You feel like no one can except you as you.

That's how I feel a lot. I have to go out of my way to make people like me.

I'm also a people-pleaser, and when these two characteristics go hand in hand, it isn't pretty.

Especially with this blog, I see other people who have better blog names, better posts, and more followers, and I automatically think that I have to be like them to go anywhere in the blogging world.

Which is why (as you have probably noticed from the many polls I've had) I have been stressing out over if I should change my blog name or not.

I want to be me. My quirky, shy, giggly self.

It's not going to be worth sharing my life with you all if I'm not myself.

That was one of my goals when I relaunched my blog a month ago, to be myself.

Because I struggle with it so.

If you guys can't stand my blog name, please tell me in the comments, or just vote on the poll. I want to keep one name forever, so if I do end up changing it, it will be here forever.

So, please let me know.

I'm trying hard to find out who I am. I like to sew, and knit, and embroider, even though I've never actually learned.

I like photography, but I also love to write long paragraphs too.

I'm not picky when it comes to reading, I love all genres. I'm a people pleaser, but I still want to be myself.

I prefer vanilla over chocolate.

I would rather watch I Love Lucy reruns than Jersey Shores. I'm homeschooled.

I'm different. And that's okay, everyone's different. I just have to be myself. And this blog is helping.

Thank you all for following me. :) I thank God for each and every one of you. With each new follower, I feel more sure of myself, and I'd like to thank you all for liking me for me.

So, this post has turned out to be much longer than I hoped, so I'll close.

Thank you.